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I’ve contributed a new post to the TCLLP blog: “Close, Distant, Social: Reading the Metadata of Literary History.” It’s a general reflection that pulls together a lot of conceptual loose ends, and merging out of more concrete work for the group exhibit on prosopography and modernist letters at MSA 15.

Woolf Letters Map - Global

Fig. 1. The extent and limits of Woolf’s global readership.

While the blog post focuses on theoretical and methodological issues, the poster itself visualizes letters sent to Leonard Woolf, Vanessa Bell, and primarily Virginia Woolf. The map in Fig. 1. shows the distribution of approximately 450 of these letters. It was created using the widely-accessible but proprietary platform _Google Fusion Tables, _which can geocode location names (including street addresses) and use the resulting latitude and longitude coordinates to generate geospatial visualizations.

[See the original post at TCLLP for full attribution of sources and resources.]

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